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Cold Sun

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Album Overview:

Editorial review.

This acoustic trio album with Yelena Eckemoff on piano, Mads Vinding on double-bass and Peter Erskine on drums, paints sonar pictures of the lingering winter season. Yelena’s original compositions converse with the stunning work of the celebrated Danish bassist and are bolstered by Erskine’s drumming genius. Flawless interplay between these three fantastic musicians beholds mutual understanding and concord on a very deep level.

The margins between improvisation and composition in this refined music are almost indistinguishable, the structures are habitually complex, intricate and even epic (dig the tracks “After Blizzard,” “Freezing Point,” and especially -“Winter.”) Nonetheless the music flows very genuinely and seems to makes perfect logical sense.

Uniqueness of this striking music and the unsurpassed mastery of its performance make “Cold Sun” to stand out and luster even on the front most rows of the finest modern jazz and chamber records.

From Yelena's Journal:

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Cold Sun mp3
1. Cold Sun Listen
2. After Blizzard Listen
3. Scents of Christmas Listen
4. Silence Listen
5. Stubborn Listen
6. Freezing Point Listen
7. Romance by the Fireplace Listen
8. Snow Bliss Listen
9. White Magic Listen
10. Winter Listen

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